Thank you to our sponsors!

Thrashers Thank You

Thank you to THRASHERS HEMP CHEWS for being a Platinum Level Corporate Sponsor of the 2019 SBTCA National Specialty weekend


Thank you to the following supporters for making Gold Level Sponsorship Donations to the 2019 SBTCA National Specialty weekend:

Paw Print Genetics, artCpets, Cave Canum, Bestway Rent-to-Own, Impact Crate, Bullyflop Collars, Kuranda Beds, Hollywood Feed and The Stafford Knot, Inc



Thank you to the following supporters for making Silver Level Sponsorship Donations to the 2019 SBTCA National Specialty Louisville, KY. weekend:

MSLF Kennels, Leads N Leather, Crafty Barn Creations, Glo-Marr Pet Products, White Dog Gallery, Earth Rated, Show Scene, Cornerstone Staffords , Pinnacle Valley Terriers, Wavemaker Staffords, Nature’s Farmacy, Maurizio Molinari, Chris Christensen, Chewy, A Forge with No Name, Pitstars, Benebone, Goughnuts, Lumabone, Bark Box, Made-2-Measure, Guaybal, Isle of Dogs, Embark, White Oak Pastures and Only Leash


Thank you to the following supporters for contributing to SBTCA Trophy List Sponsorship Donations to the SBTCA National Specialty Louisville, KY. weekend: 

Thank you Cindy Bundy for creating and donating THREE of your gorgeous cool coats, ring cool mats and neck coolers to our shows.

  • In Loving Memory of Scott Tice
  • Moonstruck Staffords
  • Cornerstone Staffords
  • Neverland Staffords
  • Shortyrock Staffords
  • Toni Daigle
  • Nancy Tholund
  • Luciana Mccullough
  • A/C/Mex Intl CH Caminos Stella Luna CDX BH
  • Pretty Easy Nails
  • TruGrip Staffords
  • Dynastaffs
  • Tim Corun
  • Camelot Staffords
  • Teal Erickson
  • K8’s K9’s
  • Jean & Dave Harvey WindyCity Staffords
  • Bonnie & Harley Roseman
  • Deb Roseman
  • CH Manorview’s Lucky Charm
  • Willaby Staffords
  • L-Belle Staffords
  • Linda Rodriguez
  • Chavier Staffords
  • Our Gang Pet Services, LLC
  • Bullyflop Collars
  • Wavemaker Staffords
  • Wounded Bear Kennels
  • In Memory of Rolona’s Off To A Good Start aka Chopper Kristoff
  • Black Country Staffords
  • In memory of Rumble
  • Performance Pool
  • Audrey Hubery
  • Country Love Staffords
  • May Burhans
  • In Memory of Ch Immerlachen Im Nuala o Chief
  • Immerlachen Staffords
  • Pam Dural
  • Jodie Sing
  • Mermishes
  • In memory of Mr. Peabody
  • Sarah Tirpak
  • Linda Bowers
  • Thrasherstaff
  • Juggernaut’s Staffords
  • Heather O’Hanlon Nodenstaff
  • Von’s Staffords
  • Alchemist Staffords
  • Tortez/Kemphaus Staffords 
  • Shasta Staffords & Dobermans
  • Linda Lavender
  • Coquina Shibas
  • Angela Sams
  • Jammnstaffs
  • Christine Edwards
  • Heather Phillips
  • Good Luck from Ballyhoo Brimstone
  • In Memory of CH Ashstaff Wavemaker Close To U, CGC, TT “Captain”
  • Julie Payne
  • Chris & Marsha Buchanan 
  • Rebecca Kirzner
  • Chiara Crawford
  • Christine Putnam
  • Alexa Keetch
  • Ballyhoo Staffords
  • Pinnacle Valley Terriers
  • DayDream Staffords
  • Leah Tansey
  • Loren Chiever
  • Tammy Barbour
  • Kevin Boyer
  • Bonnair N Eclips SBT
  • Nevada Kennels
  • Cali Girl Collars
  • J Jax Farms
  • Claire, Frank, Lily Brocato
  • Skyview Staffords
  • Erin Sullivan
  • Full Throttle Staffords
  • Lynn & Jim Caswell
  • Phoebe & Tank Aliaga
  • IsleVue – Shannon Edinger
  • Heather Ringwood
  • Cassie Malloy
  • Beret Walsh
  • Sarah Adams
  • Kim Echiverri
  • Amy Thaxton
  • Tracy Mac
  • Laura McKinney
  • Samantha Phi
  • Heather Leu
  • MACH2 The Amazing Gus RATO
  • Teresa Meadows
  • Felizstaff
  • Tim Corun – Jinx Proof
  • Glenmar Staffords
  • Jose Monestina
  • Darmahoff’s Rott ‘N’ Staffs
  • Pepstaff
  • Immerlachen Staffords
  • Donnybrook
  • Colleen Lemasters
  • Hardknox Kennels – Cindy & Gary Brunk
  • Amy O’Brian
  • Jean Richardson
  • In Loving Memory of “Grizzley Zizza” – Newcastle’s Charmed Grizzley
  • Karen Horley
  • In memory of MACH Gemini Sureshot Wayback Machine CD RE MXS MJG XF RATO CGC
  • Variant Staffords
  • Rick Leathley
  • Adorabull Staffordshire
  • Gridiron Staffords
  • Katerina Khlaponina
  • Linda Bowers
  • Kathy Campoamor
  • Remembering Fiona with Love ❤️
  • Absolute Terriers
  • Lori Clow
  • Eliezer Rojas
  • Jennifer Rice
  • Kelly Hudyman
  • Stephanie Phillips, DVM
    Tracy Powell
  • In Memory of CH Maddenduff’s Fergus CGC ROM
  • Terri Cournoyer
  • Kumi Kobayashi 


Special Sale!

SBTCA and Thrashers Hemp Chews proudly presents several special ‘secret sale’ items in the shop – for a limited time you can now purchase these very special versions of the show logo and our platinum level corporate sponsor logo on three T-shirt styles. Printed front and back these are sure to be part of your special collection of memories for these shows.

Dinner Party, Meeting & Raffle!

Be sure to click below to reserve your tickets for the SBTCA Dinner Party and Annual Meeting!

The SBTCA Annual Meeting will take place at the expo center at 6pm. We will be ready to eat when that is over at 7pm so come hungry!

Once everyone is most of the way done eating we will hand out the yearly awards, do our ONE LIVE AUCTION for the LIFE SIZED STAFFORD STATUE and then pull the names of the raffle winners! (see raffle ticket purchase form) You will WANT to be at this banquet, it’s going to be so much FUN!

Reservations will close MARCH 1st 2019. There will be a list at the door to make sure you’ve paid before entering

Get your swag on . . .

Be sure to place your tee shirt orders before Feb 8 to be certain you receive everything in time to bring along to SBTCA National weekend. These items are PRINT-TO-ORDER which means they don’t make them until you order!

If any errors are made you will need time for us to get your replacement before you head to Kentucky. Please read size chart carefully for your items of choice! Also double check your cart contents prior to placing the order. We are usually able to get incorrect or mistake merchandise replaced but it takes time.

All of the apparel is available in multiple color and size varieties so keep looking! You are bound to find one that says THIS IS ME! When you go to the shop just do a search for SBTCA to see all the merchandise available.

There will NOT be shirts available at the show. Please place your order now!

Show Swag

If you wish to purchase clothing and other merchandise for this years SBTCA National Specialty shows we have arranged to partner with The Stafford Knot who is allowing us to use their online custom print to order shop instead of having shirts available at the show. This alleviates the burden of incurring expenses up front and having leftover items after the show, as well as not needing to guess how many and what sizes to order in minimum purchases. TSK is donating the store fees, design work and most of the operating costs in order for us to enjoy a wide variety of items to select from. Profit from the sale of these items through March will be donated to SBTCA National Specialty Committee Funds to help pay for the shows. Shirts, hoodies, tanks, zip ups, totes, blankets and much more are now available at the SBTCA Swag Shop 

Place your orders now! Thank you for the support.